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4 дня
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Purim on the Rocks

Meet hundreds of young Jews from across Europe and beyond as we party for Purim together in the heart of Central Europe!


Hasidim in Uman break record

The Ukrainian Interior Department in the Cherkassy Oblast announced the number of foreign guests in the Ukrainian city.


Around 200 people attend meeting in memory of the victims of Babi Yar

The participants of the meeting included the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Eliav Belotserkovski and the German ambassador to Ukraine Christof Weil.


Thousands Delayed On Their Way to Uman

Tens of thousands of Israelis, as well as Jews from around the world, were in Uman Sunday to celebrate Rosh Hashanah


The 'Peanut' gallery on your phone

A new Israeli web browser seeks to revolutionize the way we interact online by allowing users to comment and share from any site.


Ukraine village for Jewish refugees to officially open Monday

Village "Anatevka" to open its doors to some 100 Jewish refugees from Ukrainian conflict

Vitaly Chernoivanenko: Now every student can become a pioneer in the study of Jewish Studies

The president of the Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies discusses a new and relevant field of scholarship for Ukraine

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Kiev

The Kiev letter, the Beilis affair, the queen of avant-garde cinema, Marchak’s jewelry business and more

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Dnepr

The cowboy of Montparnasse, a sculptor with willpower, the largest menorah and more

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Lviv

The author of “Hatikvah”, the Ukrainian mother of Freud, an Oscar-winning émigré and others

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Zhitomir

The richest man in Austria, the father of a genius, the war correspondent who opened the discussion about the Holocaust and more

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Sumy

On the electrifier of Israel, the heroine of the Kiev underground, the researcher of space and more

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Lugansk

Turkish subjects, an Israeli sculptor, a contemporary poet and more

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Nikolaev

Jews on wharfs, a Zionist mathematician, the muse of sculptors and artists, the last Lubavitcher Rebbe and many more

Jewish Ukraine: 6 facts about the Jews of Ivano-Frankovsk

Jewish homes, the head banker of the USA, the first Jewish mayor of Jerusalem, Ukrainian color and more

Valery Pekar: Syrian refugees who are prepared to work may find shelter in Ukraine.

The entrepreneur and public figure discusses the Ukrainian political nation, the emancipation of the Jews and why Christians like Shabbat.

We must write in big letters: THIS IS A PLACE OF EXECUTIONS

Anatoly Shengait discusses Babi Yar, the Kiev community and the new generation

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of the Crimea

The Karaites and the Krymchaks, the master of suggestion Sinani, the revolutionary Krymsky and a propaganda film

It is 74 years since the tragedy in Babi Yar. Every fourth victim of the Holocaust was from Ukraine

Boris Zabarko on how to deal with a complex history and difficult memories

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Rovno

The Nobel Laureate from Dachau, the protector of the widows and children of New York; the mother of Amos Oz and more

Jewish Ukraine: 6 facts about the Jews of Odessa

The Brodsky Synagogue, Zhabotinsky’s Jewish regiment, Brazil’s modernist architect, a gangster from Odessa and more

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Kharkov

On the second largest synagogue in Europe, a Nobel Prize winner, the captivating Ida, the six-pointed star over a horse’s head and many other things

Jewish Ukraine: 5 facts about the Jews of Kherson

On the inventor of camouflage, the founder of the Israeli opera, a potential city leader and many others

Jewish Ukraine: 7 facts about the Jews of Poltava

Poltava, Ukraine, Jewish Ukraine, Alina Teiger, Hasidism, Yuly Ganf, Mane Kats, Sonya Delaunay, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Shenur-Zalaman Borukhovich of Lyady

7 facts about the Jews of Vinnitsa

On Jerusalimka, Bershad modesty, the conqueror of tuberculosis, émigré literature, a historical shop and many other things.

8 rules of Jewish hospitality

Warmth for the soul, food for the mind, joy for the stomach

With a covered head

Khana Podobedova is the creator of the brand of headwear and accessories for observant Jewish woman, “Kosher Style”

David Benish: Our mission – Helping Jews to become self-sufficient

The head of World ORT representative for CIS, Central Asia, Caucasian States & Baltic States about supporting educational initiatives, about how a regular municipal school gets transformed into a Jewish school, about teachers and students

Jewish Ukraine: 10 facts about the Jews of Donetsk

On Bank of London bonds, Samuil Marshak’s brother, masterpieces in glass, the head of the Jewish agency and many other things

Jewish Ukraine: 10 facts about the Jews of Uzhgorod

Highland Jews, Transcarpathian Jews in Vishnyak’s photos, the philharmonia in the synagogue, the mysterious Star of David on a map, a lamplighter in bronze and a “killer whale” with Jewish ancestry.

The wife of the chief rabbi of Odessa: 20 years ago we simply wanted for Jews to come to the synagogue

Chaya Wolf discusses the move to southern Palmira, the development of the local community, bringing up children, and macaroni with boiled eggs

Where should you spend Shabbat if you’re in Kiev?

The co-organizer of the Kiev project “Shabbat Host” Rabbi Mordechai Neuwirth on the features of national Jewish hospitality

Frida Geizeriker, who survived Svencionys, trying to find her lost family

70 years after this woman, who now lives in Lvov, survived a Jewish ghetto in a Lithuanian town, still hopes to find and connect with her relatives

Alex and Nadya Lipes: A person needs roots in order to feel confident in this world

A discussion on genealogy, searching for relatives, Mormons and working in archives

Conservative rabbi Reuven Stamov: “Even people who beat me up in childhood for being Jewish have left for Israel”

On the middle path to Judaism, matso with painted eggs, female rabbis and the attitude towards LGBT

Krivoy Rog: 15 unique differences of the Jewish community

On the revival of Jewish life, the new synagogue, the technical school and migration of youth

Jewish youth projects in Kiev

How and where to learn about traditions and culture

So where were we actually given the Torah?

Perhaps Sinai is not where everyone thought it was

The Jewish defense lawyer Oskar Gruzenberg

How a lawyer from Yekaterinoslav became a legend in the “Jewish trials” in the Russian Empire

Anna Misyuk: The 600th anniversary of Odessa? I’m not interested.

About the celebration of Odessa’s 600th anniversary, historical legends, the Jewish character of the city and stereotypes

Pomeshannye Ukrainian Jews

They are at home everywhere and at the same time they are outsiders

The adherent of Zionism and love object of Magda Goebbels

On 23 February Haim Arlozorov was born in the Ukrainian town of Romny

Traditions and costumes at Purim

On the evening of the 4th of March the most joyful holiday of the Jewish people begins. It’s time to get ready!

Jewish refugees from Donetsk: We want an “iron dome”

Journalists from the major Israeli Internet portal WALLA visited a camp for Jewish refugees in Ukraine

James Bond’s one of us!

A Jew from Odessa was the prototype for agent ‘007’

Anna Zharova: “Over the last year I’ve learned a lot about people”

Find out how else Israeli volunteers and activists support Ukaine

Ron Prosor: "People believed that we grew more civilized"

Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations made a speech at the ceremony in honor of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz)

The punishment of holy Shabbat

A Friday parable about Rabbi Besht, who once failed to celebrate Shabbat, but came to understand everything.

Iosif Zisels: The slogan ‘Je suis Volnovakha’ is a copy that changes the meaning of the events

The chairman of the Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine provided JewishNews with exclusive commentary in which he expressed his doubts about the suitability of the French slogan in the Ukrainian situation.

Four Jewish dishes from one cosmopolitan chicken

Schmaltz, gribenes, helzel and chicken soup with knedles.

The new Exodus: how Jewish refugees from the ATO live

Over 614,000 citizens of Ukraine now have the status of refugees. Among them are Ukrainian Jews living in the East who have fled from the territory that is officially designated as “regions of temporary occupation”. A JewishNews correspondent visited the village of Krymki in the Cherkassy Oblast, in the former children’s camp “Olimpiya”, where hundreds of Jews from the Lugansk Oblast have found shelter, a home, safety and protection.

Tsures in the budget?

Tzimmes, a rich dish in the economic sense

Asher Cherkasskii: ‘I was saved by the Almighty, after all the grenade exploded above my head an arm’s length from me’

About the ‘kavanah’ in the trenches, friendly relations with the Muslim fighters, contusions and waiting for new orders – to the hospital or to the front? The real life of Hasid combat fighters in an interview with Jewishnews.com.ua

Rabbi Moshe Asman: “You need to start improving the world by first improving yourself”

The chief rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine from the All-Ukrainian congress of Jewish religious communities talks about the refugees from the Jewish communities of Donetsk and Lugansk, anti-Semitism, and the friendship between the Ukrainian and Jewish peoples, about the friendship of the Ukrainian and Jewish peoples, about peace in Ukraine and the miracles of Hanukkah

A holiday without a diet: oil and potato patties

Latkes is a classic Hanukkah dish. Fried in oil, the patties remind Jews on the miracle of Hanukkah, when a little pitcher of pure oil was enough for eight days

Volunteers Anonymous

In the hall of the Ukrainian center in Bat Yam, boxes line the walls. They contain the labels: “Boys 7-9”, “Children’s Items”, “Glory to Ukraine!”. These is just some of the packages that await to be sent to Ukraine from the public organization “Israeli friends of Ukraine”

Yud-Tes Kislev

On the day after Simchat Torah 5559 (1798), Rabbi Schneur Zalman was arrested and placed in the Peter-Paul Fortress in Petersburg. His life and the future of the whole Chassidic movement hung in the balance

Iosif Ziseles: “A community is an institution which spends, and does not earn”

The large Jewish communities of the Ukraine are run by millionaires and billionaires of Jewish origin. Can this be considered a new model of running a community, and how can the other members of the community by taught to give Tzedakah?

If you don't eat fish, you're an anti-Semite!

Can you imagine a Shabbat table without fish? Or do you know a single Jew who doesn't eat herring? Studies haven't been made about this, but herring+Jew=has long been an axiom

Shmuel Kamenetsky: «We are fortunate to have such people here»

Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk.The legend himself

Is herring Jewish? Or the journey of the herring into the Jewish household

Jews have had a long and close relationship with the herring which has long since grown into a mutual love affair within a national context. Stop any person in the street and ask them to name a couple of traditional dishes of Jewish cuisine. Without doubt, amongst the list would be herring or a prepared version of it, for example, Forshmak. But is such a view justified?

Rabbi Mikhail Kapustin: ‘It’s not so easy to change the sign, if people have got used to something…’

The story of Rabbi of the Communities of Progressive Judaism of Simferopol and Ukraine, who in March of this year was forced to flee Crimea after its annexation by Russia.

Iosif Akselrud: “Now I take my words back”

The chairman of Linmud and director of Hillel in Ukraine on where Jews meet and talk to other Jews


Maccabi Games kick off in Berlin

Jewish European Maccabi Games begin at Nazi park in Berlin that was the site of the 1936 Olympic Games.


Watch: Architectural Plans for Third Temple Have Begun

While most Jews mourn and pray, one organization has been busily preparing plans to rebuild.


Israeli haredi and secular rarely interact, survey shows

One-fifth of secular Jews reported having little interaction with haredim