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Dnepropetrovsk community gives presents to soldiers in ATO zone

The Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community has given two heating units from one of the military divisions

The heating units from the Ukrainian company are manufactured specially in field and extreme conditions. They do not need fuel and can heat military tents for 20-30 people and heat up food.

«We advised with the Rabbis Kamintesky, Zelig Brez, and now we are looking for possibilities for our soldiers, our defenders, the fighters of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and voluntary batallions, even in field conditions, to keep warm,» said Oleg Krasnov, the head of the manufacturing company IMAS-stroi on issues of logistics

Тем временем учащиеся еврейской школы Днепропетровска «Ор Авнер Хабад Любавич» имени Леви-Ицхака Шнеерсона передали украинским бойцам, находящимся на лечении в городском военном госпитале, зимние подарки: шапку, утепленные носки, сладости и открытки.

«For pupils of the Jewish school, charity and patriotism are not abstract concepts, for them personal participation in the common good cause and personal involvement in it is an important Mitzvah,» said the teacher of the school Tatyana Khavkina.

Школьники также собрали для военных пакеты с теплыми вещами – шарфами, свитерами и кофтами.

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