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4 дня
27 Нисан

Israeli ministers accused of hindering repatriation of Ukrainians

The minister of immigrant absorption Sofa Landver believes that ministers from the “Likud” party are depriving repatriated Ukrainian Jews of their entitled privileges.

Ministers from the “Likud” party refuse to provide repatriates from Ukraine the same conditions as French Jews moving to Israel. This was announced at a government session by the minister of immigrant absorption Sofa Landver (“Yisrael Beitenu”).

She claims that Ukrainian Jews who have moved from the military zone do not receive the privileges, subsidies and benefits that are given to repatriates from France.

The minster called for Ukrainian Jews to be treated just like Jews from France, who have left their country because of a rise in anti-Semitism, and not spare funds to save them.

The minister for culture and sport Limor Livnat (“Likud”) said in response that Landver was trying to increase electoral potential for her party before elections.

However, Landver rejected these claims and stressed that the fate of Jews in difficult situations should be placed above party disagreements.

Additionally, Sofa Landver called on the government to complete the procedure of ratifying a visa-free regime with Belarus, which has fulfilled all the procedural formalities for this on its side. She said that many veterans intended to visit Minsk for the 70th anniversary ceremonies of victory in the Second World War, but were not buying tickets yet as they were waiting for visas to be abolished.

Source: Cursor


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