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Cameron Diaz.   Source: EPA/PETER FOLEY Cameron Diaz. Source: EPA/PETER FOLEY

Jewish weddings: the new trend in Hollywood?

On 6 January, Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz married the guitarist from the popular punk rock group Good Charlotte, Benji Madden. The ceremony in the bride’s home in Beverley Hills was held according to Jewish traditions, including crushed glass, chants of “Mazel Tov” and ritual solitude in a special room after they said their vows.

However, neither of them has openly declared having Jewish ancestry. Diaz’s father was Cuban, and her mother has English and German ancestry. Madden also has no official evidence of Jewish ancestry, although his middle name, Levy, may provide a hint.

 Benji Madden.   Source: EPA/LASZLO BELICZAY

Additionally, there is also no evidence that Diaz or Madden have converted to Judaism or showed any interest in the Kabbalah, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and other celebrities.

Tabletmag columnist Rachel Shukert wrote that in the first time in the history of America, Jewishness has become aspirational. This is not just shown by Americans’ love of bagels, but also by the Seder in the White House, and the presence of rabbis at the conventions of both major political parties. Thus, a traditional Jewish wedding for a couple not belonging to the Jewish community may be a sign of a new trend in Hollywood.

Source:  www.timesofisrael.com

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