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Petro Poroshenko and Alexander Paskhaver. Photo Twitter

Poroshenko appoints economist Alexander Paskhaver as his advisor

The economist intends to concentrate on carrying out reforms.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has appointed the renowned economist Alexander Paskhaver as his advisor (not on staff).

As he gave the new advisor his credentials, the president noted the enormous work that Alexander Paskhaver had done for the country, and also said he hoped that thanks to joint work, the economist’s advice would be effectively implemented.

“It is important that our efforts and our positive work experience are realized for the good of Ukraine,” the president said.

In his turn, Alexander Paskhaver said he intended to concentrate on carrying out reforms.

The president emphasized once more that the war is not a justification for not carrying out reforms: “The need for reforms and establishing order, and a fair and effective form of organizing the country’s economy – these challenges are no less dangerous than challenges on the frontline. I am sure that on the home front we also have a huge number of allies. I would like us to unite our efforts to ensure victory in this extremely important battle.”

Alexander Paskhaver, a 70-year-old economist and president of the Center for Economic Development worked for a long time on studying issues of economic effectiveness, privatization and demonopolization. At various times, he was been an advisor to the president, Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister, minister for the economy and chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

Source: president.gov.ua


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