До Йом Кипур осталось
4 дня
27 Нисан
Photo: Almaskari/deviantart.com Photo: Almaskari/deviantart.com

School in Austria to be closed over charges of anti-Semitism.

A school in Austria is to be closed which is financed by Saudi Arabia, because of suspicions of using anti-Semitic textbooks and the refusal to provide a list of the teaching staff

The Vienna council for educational issues decided to revoke the license of the Saudi school in the capital after the end of the current academic year, as school management ignored the demand for all private educational institutions to provide a list of the teaching staff by 1 December.

Additionally, a complaint was made to the media that the 150 pupils of this school, where teaching is conducted in Arabic, used anti-Semitic textbooks. The administration of the school also refused to provide official translations of their texts into German.

The school has four years to appeal the council’s decision.

The Austrian authorities have already initiated a bill to prohibit foreign financing of Muslim organizations, and to standardize the translation of the Koran into German.

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