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Transparency International: corruption situation in Israel and Russia has worsened

Israel has dropped to 37th place on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world, one position lower than last year. This was the conclusion drawn by Transparency International, the international organization for combatting corruption, in its annual Corruption Perceptions Index

Russia received 27 points and dropped six places, to 136th of 175.

Ukraine, despite rising from 143rd to 142nd place, remains the most corrupt country in Europe. The document notes that Ukraine’s result is caused by the insignificant progress in the battle with corruption schemes left as a “legacy” from the old regime.

Despite the ‘change in the façade’, Ukraine continues to go around in circles, and the laws that were recently passed have not yet had any tangible results in the anti-corruption battle,” the report reads.

The countries with the lowest levels of corruption were Denmark, New Zealand and Finland, receiving 92, 91 and 98 points out of a possible 100. The most corrupt countries were North Kora and Somalia, with just 8 points.

The Corruption Perceptions Index reflects the opinion of business circles and experts about the level of corruption in the state sector of countries around the world.

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